We are a team of (nerdy) social scientists and (savvy) businesspeople who bring a wide range of experience to our understanding of people and the social worlds they inhabit. 

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Susan Kresnicka

President, Cultural Anthropologist

Founder and President of KR&I, Susan is a cultural anthropologist with over 17 years of experience in the commercial sector. Specializing in foundational research to establish core human drivers for consumer behavior, Susan has led large-scale, multi-modal research projects for a range of industries.


Holly Bakarich

General Manager

Known for her tireless work ethic, energetic personality, and hands-on approach, Holly has built a strong reputation for leading clients and teams through complex, large-scale projects. With over 18 years of experience, many of those in the Media and Entertainment industries, she brings her passion for creating effective and efficient processes to KR&I.


Karis Eklund

Research Manager

Karis is a qualitative researcher with over a decade of academic and commercial research experience in the Americas and the Near and Middle East. She holds degrees from Stanford University, University College London, and Universidad del Salvador in Argentina.


Rachel Aparicio

Media & Gender Studies Scholar

Rachel received her M.A. in Gender Studies from the London School of Economics and taught a number of courses in the field during her time as a PhD student at Rutgers University. Rachel's areas of interest include gender and sexuality in fandom and popular culture, particularly internet fan culture and the interrelationship between media consumption and social media engagement.


Heather Loyd

Linguistic Anthropologist

Heather is a linguistic anthropologist with a Ph.D. in anthropology from UCLA. She has 15 years of ethnographic research experience, studying patterns of human behavior and social interaction in relation to youth culture, family studies, and gender studies in the U.S. and Italy.


Natalie Onken

Research Analyst

Natalie is a multidisciplinary data scientist and problem solver with a M.A. in Social Science from UCLA. Her academic background, which also includes degrees in Political Science, Film, Television & Digital Media, and Latin, has fueled her interest in studying human society in all its dimensions, from intimate interactions to international relations.


Ryan Howell

Social Psychologist

Dr. Ryan Howell is a social psychologist who specializes in the study of personality and well-being. His academic research focuses on understanding the factors that affect human happiness. He manages large, complex data sets using various statistical tools, data mining, and deep-dive analyses to develop predictive models that explain consumer behavior.


Michelle Jefferson


Michelle spent 14 years producing entertainment branding and design packages. While working at an LA-based agency, she helped establish the company's first-ever research arm and oversaw dozens of research projects. She has since moved abroad and continues to work with KR&I from her posts in Australia, Norway, and the U.A.E. Taking inspiration from cultures and art around the world, Michelle brings KR&I insights to life through intelligent design.